Company Marketing and Management – Full-time Education

Degree : Master
Duration: 2 years
ECTS credits: 120
Locations: : Arad
Teaching language: Română

The Master program of studies Company Marketing and Management aims to specialize the human resources with competencies in the field of marketing and management in order to develop, evaluate and implement the marketing and management activities in complex business environments.

The Master program of studies intends to train experts in the efficient management of the activities of an organization on the market, through client-orientation, and to satisfying their needs and wishes.

The graduates of the academic Master studies of Company Marketing and Management will have the capacity to practice, at a highly performant level, specific marketing and management activities, by using the acquired knowledge during the formative process, the experience in the profession, the psychological qualities and the personality features.

The objectives of the program dof Master academic studies in Company Marketing and Management target mainly:

  • Training of experts able to apply the concepts of marketing and management under the terms of the new economy, to develop strategies, plans and marketing programs within the company;
  • The supply of knowledge and the exercise of the necessary skills both for satisfying the requirements of the potential customers of a company and for developing means to fight against the action of the main enterprise competitors;
  • To provide skills on the design, development and implementation of some communicational campaigns directed towards the target market with maximum efficiency;
  • To create a professional business behavior for the experts in the field of marketing and management;
  • To highlight the determining role of the managers with marketing skills, of its characteristics, and multiple functions practiced in the contemporary organization;
  • To focus on the issues of marketing and management, on their economical use and opportunity, specific deciding elements for the organizations functionality and competitiveness.

Field of studies: Marketing


General competences:

  • Raising awareness on the fundamental role of the marketing activity in establishing the management policy of the company;
  • The capacity to issue marketing strategies and programs in the company, by using specific instruments and methods;
  • The capacity to evaluate and analyze the restrictive requirements at international level related to the consumers’ and environmental protections;
  • The skill to evaluate the company internal and external environments in a dynamic and in constant change environment, and to seize and capitalize the various existing opportunities on the market.

Specific competencies and skills:

  • Managing the specific topics of a marketing department;
  • Capacity to analyze the global context of marketing and its influence on the way to manage the company;
  • To find and use methods, tools and new marketing techniques by which the company attracts and/ or maintain the customers’ loyalty;
  • Issue of some complex marketing plans in the context of the competitive environment dynamic evolutions;
  • The capacity to have a global and strategic vision of the management and marketing methods deriving from the new Internet era, to improve the company competitiveness;
  • To integrate the marketing function in the global management vision of the enterprise.

Structure of the Program of Studies

Year I

Mandatory subjects

  • Entrepreneurship and business consultancy / 1semester
  • Research of the market conjuncture / 1 semester
  • Trade Law / 1 semester
  • Corporatist governance / 1 semester
  • Organizational behavior and culture / 1 semester
  • Global marketing / 1 semester
  • Human resources strategic management / 1 semester

Optional subjects

  • Consumer’s behavior and marketing communication / 1 semester
  • Social and ethical liability in business / 1 semester
  • Total quality management / 1 semester
  • Theory of organizational communication and negotiation / 1 semester

Anul II

Mandatory subjects

  • E-marketing / 1 semester
  • Company managerial strategies / 1 semester
  • Advertisement and media planning / 1 semester
  • Methods and techniques of company assessment / 1 semester
  • Geopolitics and sustainable development strategies / 1 semester
  • Practical internship in the field of the specialization/ 1 semester

Optional subjects

  • Management of the research-development and innovation projects / 1 semester
  • Management of the change /1 semester
  • Management of the operations and logistics / 1 semester
  • Management of the customers’ services / 1 semester