Business Administration – Full-time, ROU, ENG

Studies degree: Bachelor
Duration: 3 years
ECTS credits: 180
Locations: Arad,
Teaching language: Romanian, English

The Bachelor program Business Administration, in the fundamental field of Economic Sciences, the field of Bachelor academic studies in Business Administration intends to train highly qualified experts, able to analyze and think critically on the aspects in the field of business, to pertinently solve the issues and to draft efficient decisions for the proper functioning of the activity of the private companies and institutions in the Romanian and European economic systems.

The general objective of the program is to train skills and cognitive abilities in the field of business administration, which to provide the lecturers with the possibility of professional involvement into the analysis of the situations and in decision-taking, both for the awarding of some efficient development of the economic activities, and for the development of some new business and poles for technological and economic development.

The specific objectives of the program Business Administration are:

  • To provide the students with advanced knowledge and to create specific skills for the business management in global context. These skills relate to:
  • The development of the critical and analytical capacity in relation with the management of the enterprises;
  • The development of the students’ skills in developing interpersonal relations;
  • Assisting and guiding the students both in the development of the individual capacity for study, and for team work;
  • Providing a set of subjects which give the students the necessary knowledge for taking some optimal economic decisions considering the ensemble of regulations in the economic field;
  • The improvement of graduates’ capacity in assisting the local, regional and national institutions in identifying the best solutions of compromise between the regional economic development and the companies development;
  • The development of projects, to be involved in study; in addition, it is intended to encourage the students in getting involved in research projects designed for the students which to supply the with the development of a career in national and multinational companies;
  • The achievement of training which gives the graduates the possibility for further development by taking master studies in the field.

Field of studies: Business Administration


Professional skills

  • Gathering, processing, analyzing the information on the interaction between the external environment – enterprise/ organization
  • Assistance in the administration of the activity for the entire enterprise/ organization
  • Administration of the activity of a subdivision in the structure of the enterprise/ organization
  • Assistance in the human resources management
  • Use of the specific databases for the business administration

Transversal skills

  • Applying the principles, the norms, and the professional ethical values in the own strategy of rigorous, efficient and responsible work
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities in a multi-specialized team and applying the techniques of relation and efficient work within the team
  • Identifying the opportunities for continuous training and efficient capitalization of the learning resources and techniques for the own development

Structure of the Study Programme

Year I

Mandatory subjects

  • Microeconomics / 1 semester
  • Mathematics applied in the economy / 1 semester
  • Geography of resources and economy of the environment / 1 semester
  • Economy of the enterprise / 1 semester
  • Basis of the Informatics / 1 semester
  • European economy / 1 semester
  • Macroeconomics / 1 semester
  • Statistics / 1 semester
  • Basis of accounting / 1 semester
  • Business law / 1 semester
  • Bases of the marketing / 1 semester
  • Public finance / 1 semester
  • English / 2 semesters
  • Physical education / 2 semesters

Year II

Mandatory subjects

  • Management / 1 semester
  • Public finance / 1 semester
  • Bases of marketing / 1 semester
  • Financial accounting / 1 semester
  • Business communication in English/ 1 semester
  • Human resources management / 1 semester
  • Study on the consumer’s behavior / 1 semester
  • Geopolitics and geo-strategy / 1 semester
  • Entrepreneurial culture / 1 semester
  • Management of the logistics / 1 semester
  • Practice / 1 semester
  • Physical education / 2 semesters

Optional subjects


  • IT systems in business / 1 semester
  • Econometrics / 1 semester
  • Management of the production / 1 semester
  • Management of the changes / 1 semester

Facultative subjects

  • International Marketing / 1 semester

Year III

Mandatory subjects

  • Compared Management / 1 semester
  • Project Management / 1 semester
  • Organizational behavior / 1 semester
  • Economic-financial analysis / 1 semester
  • Investments evaluation and funding / 1 semester
  • Strategic Management / 1 semester
  • Commercial Management / 1 semester
  • Quality Management / 1 semester
  • Enterprises Evaluation / 1 semester
  • Ecological Management / 1 semester

Optional subjects

  • International Economic Affairs / 1 semester
  • Banking techniques and operations / 1 semester
  • Techniques of business negotiation and communication / 1 semester
  • International Management / 1 semester

Facultative subjects

  • Economy of risk / 1 semester
  • Ethics in business / 1 semester