Business Administration in Tourism and Service – Full-time Education

Degree: Master
ECTS credits: 120
Locations: Arad
Teaching language: Romanian

The Master program of studies Business Administration in Tourism and Services intends to provide for a solid scientific training, in the meaning of thorough inter-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary approach of this field of study and professionalization, in order to acquire developed professional skills in such specialized fields such as those of tourism and services. In addition, this program has as mission the specialization of the higher education graduates in the fields of tourism and service by acquiring  solid theoretical knowledge and developing practical and research skills which ensures their access on the labor market as professionals, able to evolve both at national and international levels. The motivation for young graduates’ training in the field of tourism and services is triggered by the requirements of the Romanian and foreign companies which were aware on the need to employ trained professionals in order to face the challenges of the European market.

The general objective of the program is to form some cognitive skills and competencies in the field of business administration which to provide the students the possibility for professional involvement in the analyze of the situations and in decision-making, both for granting an efficient development of the economic activities, and for developing some new business and poles of technological and economic development.

The specific objectives of the Master program ‘Business Administration in Tourism and Services’:

  • Developing the required skills for delivering consultancy services in the business management of the tourism and services;
  • Developing managerial skills in the field of tourism and services;
  • Updating and developing knowledge by studying the relevant issues, of interest, for those willing to improve their carrier in tourism and services, or willing to start a carrier in this field.

Field of studies: Business administration


General competencies:

  • Strategic planning in tourism and services;
  • Substantiation of the business plan, of the strategies, of the specific plans and programs, of the procedures to achieving them, as well as identifying and implementing the rectifying measures, in order to accomplish in the best conditions the predicted objectives;
  • Identifying the global implications of the development of the tourism and services;
  • Risk and uncertainty analyze in the economy of tourism and services;
  • Developing projects of implementation of the touristic facilities;
  • Capacity for evaluation and analyze of the restrictive requirements on international level related to the consumer’s and environment protection.