Business Administration in Tourism and Service – Full-time Education

Degree: Master
Duration: 2 years
ECTS credits: 120
Locations: Arad
Teaching language: Romanian

The Master program of studies ‘Business Administration in Tourism and Services’ aims to provide the student with a solid scientific training, for thorough inter- and trans-disciplinary knowledge of this field of studies and for expertise, in the way of achieving developed professional competencies in fields so highly specialized such as tourism and services. In addition, this program has as mission to specialize the higher education graduated in the fields of tourism and services by acquiring solid theoretical knowledge and by developing practical and research skills which would provide for their access as professionals on the labor market, able to evolve in national and international contexts. The motivation for training young graduates in the field of tourism and services is triggered by the requirements of the Romanian and foreign companies which acknowledged the need to hire well-trained professionals in order to address the challenges of the European market.

Themain objective of the program is to develop some competencies and cognitive skills for the field of business administration, which to provide the students the possibility for professional involvement in the analyze of the situations and in decisions taking, both for conferring an efficient development of the economic activities and for developing some new businesses and poles for technological and economic development.

The specific objectives of the Master program of Business Administration in Tourism and Services:

  • Developing the required competencies for delivering consulting services in the management of the tourism and services business;
  • Developing managerial skills in the field of tourism and services;
  • Updating and developing knowledge by studying the relevant topics of interest for those willing to improve their carrier in tourism and service or who are willing to begin a career in this field.

Field of studies: Business Administration


General competences:

  • Strategic planning in tourism and services;
  • Substantiation of the business plan, of the strategies, of the specific plans and programs, of the procedures for achieving them, as well as the identification and putting into practice of the rectifying measures, in order to achieve the predicted objectives under the best conditions;
  • Identification of the global implications of the tourism and services development;
  • Risk and uncertainty analyzes in the economics of tourism and services;
  • Developing projects of implementation of the tourist services;
  • Capacity for assessment and analyses of the restrictive requirements at international level, related to the consumers’ and environmental protection.

Specific competencies and skills:

  • Capacity to analyze the global context of tourism and services and of the implications of the globalization on the international and regional economic development;
  • Use of the main software programs in the field of tourism and services management;
  • Ability to substantiate methods of planning, conception and implementation of the physical infrastructure which contributes to the development of the tourist facilities at micro- and macro-economic levels;
  • The ability to assess the internal and external environments of an organization in a dynamic and in constant change environment;
  • The capacity to have global and strategic vision of the management and trading methods resulting in the new age of internet, as well as to improve the competitiveness of the services and locations;
  • The capacity to think and initiate projects of research in tourism and services and to expand their critical vision on the methods of research;
  • The ability to analyze the issues on the optimization of the resources use, the optimization of the transports, simulation and planning of the activities, the organization of the production, to reduce the risk and uncertainty;
  • The ability to draw up feasibility studies, to draft and lead the investments programs under the terms of efficient use of the resources and of environmental protection.

Structure of the Program of Studies

Year I

Mandatory subjects

  • Entrepreneurship and business consulting/ 1semester
  • Environment and sustainable development/ 1 semester
  • Business law / 1 semester
  • Organizational behavior and culture / 1 semester
  • Management of the services quality / 1 semester
  • Human resources strategic management / 1 semester

Optional subjects

  • Consumer’s behavior in the field of tourism and services/ 1 semester
  • Social and ethical liability in business/ 1 semester
  • Management of the projects of research-development and innovation/ 1 semester
  • Theory of organizational communication and negotiation/ 1 semester

Year II

Mandatory subjects

  • Management of the touristic services / 1 semester
  • Landscaping and management of the touristic destinations / 1 semester
  • Hotel and restaurants management / 1 semester
  • Eco-tourism and agritourism/ 1 semester
  • Business strategies / 1 semester
  • Practical internship in the field of the specialization/ 1 semester

Optional subjects

  • Methods and techniques for the evaluation of the touristic and services companies/ 1 semester
  • Promotion in tourism and services /1 semester
  • Logistics management / 1 semester
  • Management of the customers’ support services / 1 semester