Techniques of Developing the Web Applications – Full-time Education

Degree: Master
Duration: 3 semesters
ECTS credits: 90
Locations: Arad
Teaching language: Romanian

The mission of the specialization consists of:

  • Initial and permanent professional training, at academic level, in the field of computer science, with implications in other complementary fields;
  • Achieving, in the field of the specialization, quality higher education, by allowing a large number of resources for low schooling ratios, in order to deliver highly efficient individualized education;
  • Scientific and technological research;
  • Transfer of science, knowledge and know-how in the economic-social field, in production and in the services for third parties.

The major objectives of the Computer Science specialization are:

  • Training experts with higher education studies, able to fit in efficiently on the labor market and performant compared to the European standards;
  • Improving the quality of the educational process by using modern teaching means;
  • Ensuring the teaching process with valuable academic teaching staff in order to ensure the accreditation requirements;
  • Developing the scientific research and disseminating the scientific production by participation in national and international conferences;
  • Increasing the international relations activity;
  • Supplying lifelong services by programs of professional conversion, reconversion and development;
  • Promoting an academic management of the education quality consistent with the principles of the Bologna Process.

Field of studies: Computer science


  • Knowledge related to the design and development of web applications;
  • Management and integration of the web technologies in the GIS applications;
  • Capacity to use advanced knowledge for design and development of mobile applications;
  • Development of the informational systems for managements, relying on the databases;
  • Acquiring theoretical and practical elements allowing for the development of multimedia applications;
  • Development of dynamic multimedia techniques for web design;
  • Ability to combine various types of technologies and contents;
  • vDeveloping complex research projects by using the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of web technologies;

  • Capacity to act independently and creatively in approaching and solving the issues in the field of the web technologies

Structure of the Program of Studies

Year I

Mandatory subjects

  • Web applications / 1semester
  • Graphics for web development / 1 semester
  • Distributed databases / 1 semester
  • Ethics of research / 1 semester
  • Advanced web technologies / 1 semester
  • Web servers management / 1 semester
  • Research project (practical activity) / 1 semester

Optional subjects

  • E-commerce and e-government systems / 1 semester
  • Statistic methods for shapes recognition / 1 semester
  • Workflow technologies / 1 semester

Facultative subjects

  • English for information technology / 1 semester
  • Strategies of internet advertisement / 1 semester

Year II

Mandatory subjects

  • Advanced Java technologies / 1 semester
  • Web GIS and satellite imagery / 1 semester
  • Applications for advanced mobile techniques / 1 semester
  • Multimedia technologies for web design / 1 semester

Optional subjects

  • Project management / 1 semester
  • Web services and architectures oriented toward the services /1 semester
  • E-learning platforms and virtual laboratories / 1 semester
  • Networks security / 1 semester
  • Systems of internet distribution / 1 semester
  • Knowledge platforms on the web / 1 semester
  • Intelligent web systems / 1 semester